Saturday, April 23, 2011

seattle: part III

This was a while ago, but here is the conclusion of our trip to Seattle:

For our last day, we headed south for a family trip to Mt Rainier. The weather was partly cloudy in Seattle, but snowing heavily when we arrived at Paradise. The road was flanked with snow walls taller than the cars!
It was snowing too much to go hiking very far, but my cousin Andrew and I went as far as we could. And returned to this:

Snow + Koreans + kimchi bowl noodles = best day ever.

More pictures from my cousin DAVID:
On our way up Mt. RainierFamily photo at Mt. RainierEating cup ramen with my favorite cousins at Mt. Rainier

I left the next day while Tim and the gang explored some more, and took these beautiful photos of the sky and marina:

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  1. are you trying to look like a gangsta in that pic of you eating noodles? because you totally do.


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