Thursday, April 21, 2011

alex and adam come to town part iv

We walked off our french dips at Griffith Park. Hands down my favorite place in LA.
I thought we could hike to the Hollywood sign from here, but I was wrong. Well, I think you can, but it would involve more than following a trail (...crossing a highway, maybe).
griffith parkgriffith park
We did hike to the very tippity top, and the view was incredible. It was the clearest day I've seen in LA. We could see the ocean from Griffith Park!

Then we got science-y in the Observatory. Where I also hit my face on the glass wall surrounding the Tesla coil. Listen, the glass was very clean and also very sneaky.
griffith observatory

We finished off our LA excursion in Koreatown. Soot Bull Jip for yummy Korean BBQ:
korean bbq
Then some good ol' sweaty bathtime at Wi Spa.

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