Tuesday, April 5, 2011

seattle: part II

Our tour guide cousin Andrew took us out on our second, beautiful, sunny day in Seattle.
We picked up the requisite Seattle coffee at Roy St Coffee & Tea, then off to our first stop: Gas Works Park.
gas works park
Where there were grassy knolls with daisies in bloom.
Then we stopped by to say hello to the Fremont Troll:
'ello, Fremont Troll!
the fremont trollthe fremont troll
Scarier than it looks up there at the top, I tell ya.

We walked about the Olympic Sculpture Park, which has a pretty view as well. One of the things I really like about Seattle is that there is a lot of art everywhere in Seattle, not just in parks or museums. Lots of murals, a colorful wall of chewed gum, sculpture in the medians and on sidewalks.
olympic sculpture park
We rode 10 flights of escalators to the top of the Seattle Public Library. Which is a very huge, very modern architectural marvel full of books. AND an entire section JUST FOR MAPS.
seattle public libraryseattle public library

Thanks to Andrew, we saw a lot of Seattle, very quickly and with hilarious commentary. Thanks, cous!
Later that night, the Koreans (which is what my aunt called herself, my uncle, my mom and dad, who are all apparently ethnically different from their children) and I went shopping at Daiso, a Japanese dollar store. It's like a dollar store, but Japanese. Where we spent 80 bucks on Asian novelty items. Fun times.

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