Friday, April 22, 2011

alex and adam come to town part v

This is the part where we drive to San Diego, motivated mostly by the legend of the California Burrito. We stopped in La Jolla to seal watch.

la jollala jollala jollaseals at la jollaseals at la jolla

The burritos at El Zarape did not disappoint. Holy moly they were so good. The classic California Burrito with carne asada, guac and french fries silenced Tim for a good 15 minutes.
And the chile relleno. What a saucy, squishy delight of beans, rice, chile, cheese.

We then proceeded to Balboa Park, Tim's favorite spot in San Diego and backdrop to the famous Kung Fu!! in Balboa Park video.
We met up with Paul:

And looked in awe at this tree, or rather its roots. See the girl for scale.
And thus concludes our weekend adventure with Alex and Adam!

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