Tuesday, April 19, 2011

love in the time of cholera

Finally. Finished. With. This. Book. Love In the Time of Cholera is incredibly rich... the descriptions, the relationships, the characters. The writing was poetic and emotive, and that Gabriel Garcia Marquez can really find the perfect combination of words to convey the sentiment of a lover. But paragraphs, and pages, and chapters of rambling sentences, without any dialogue or story-propelling events, made it a very very slow read. Also, Marquez starts at the end of the story, so you know what's going to happen the whole book. The tranquilizing speed of the book wasn't the only turn-off. The protagonist, Florentino Ariza, was hard for me to like.
He's a whiny, lecherous, pedophilic pansy, who doesn't do anything because of his unrequited love. And his unrequited love, Fermina Daza, isn't much of a thriller either. All in all, I have to say I am relieved that I'm finished.


  1. But what language did you read it in??

  2. mark, the only language i can read is english. okay, that's not true, but i can't imagine how much slower this book would be if i read it in another language. i read the translation by edith grossman.

  3. hahahaha! I love it! Pedophilic pansy!
    I, too, was not thrilled with One Hundred Years of Solitude. In fact, what is the opposite of thrilled? Because that is what I was. Why do people think Marquez is such hot shit?


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