Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hungry people in little saigon

Our pals know good food. Han in particular knows where you can get a LOT of good food. So when he recommended the Boiling Crab to Roy, and Roy invited us to eat loads of seafood with him, we said YESSSSS. We drove to Garden Grove for some louisiana style seafood. Man, we were so hungry, but then this happened:
So we did the next best thing = walked across the street to get ourselves a little grilled pork banh mi snack.
The totally unexpected thing about this area was all Vietnamese restaurants, markets and shops (except for the lone louisiana style crab shack)! I guess that's why they call it Little Saigon... We're going to have to go back to get some pho and vermicelli and spring rolls and oh so delicious Vietnamese foods.

After our jaunt over to Lee's, we tried to get foot massages. Read that sign: FIFTEEN DOLLARS for an hour. But it was a little sketchy in there. And very humid. So it wasn't a bad thing when they didn't have any space...
We finally made it into the Boiling Crab where we proceeded to eat with a methodical intensity reserved for activities like picking out small pieces of crustacean meat or making watches or threading needles in the dark (but not until after we snapped these beauties).

Before we knew it our hands looked like this:
We came home with fishy, pruney fingers and played Acquire. Roy and I lost to Tim both times. what a waste. jk love you, timmy!


  1. when's our next foodie adventure???

  2. of course you lost to me in acquire...muahahahaha!!!

  3. we're playing again soon.


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