Thursday, March 31, 2011

the hunger games, cont'd

Holy moly. I blew through the last two books of the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The sequel was a big set-up for everything that happens in book three with lots of new characters introduced via the Quarter Quells games when Katniss has to go back into the arena. My main complaint is that Katniss (the main character) is so self-centered throughout...SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE, KATNISS!! ALL THE CLUES ARE THERE, YOU DUMB BIMBO. jk. love you. really. miss you!

Then Mockinjay, holy moly. Truly, I am in the depths of despair. And it's been, like, five days since I finished it. Tim is showing actual concern to my actual real depression. I just want someone to hug me tight. Forever. But that will still leave a big empty hole in my heart.

So, can someone read these books soon so we can talk about it please? Because I think maybe if I cry with someone else, I might be able to get over it. Or maybe if I get a role in the upcoming movie version. Are there any Asians in Panem? It is the North America of the future, after all.

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