Wednesday, March 16, 2011

skeletons of hills

Our friends Tori and Jo are on a cross-country Amtrak adventure, and they stopped by in our lil ol' town of Los Angeles. We headed to the desert and camped out at Joshua Tree National Park (plus, we crossed it off our list!).

The landscape was unreal. The loose dirt and minerals have eroded and fallen away from the hills, exposing gravity-defying granite skeletons. We set up camp right between the baked red rocks and intense blue sky. And at night, we saw the milky way!

joshua tree

joshua treejoshua tree
joshua tree
joshua tree
joshua tree

See more pictures here!

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  1. I'm supposed to be packing for my trip, but these pics are awesome, and in fact I'd rather look at them and the rest of your blog then pack. always the procrastinator -Jota Hey


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