Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the imperfectionists

My friend Tori is doing a book a week challenge, and quite successfully at that. I'm inspired, but I can't commit to a book a week, so maybe just a book whenever I can will challenge me enough.

I started the year off with big momentum, going through these two page-turners in just a week (or it could be that week of vacation in January and two 6+ hr plane rides). But work and that ol' boob tube slowed me down in Feb. I'm STILL trying to get through Love In a Time of Cholera.

I took a little break from the Caribbean lovefest with the Imperfectionists, by Tom Rachman. It was on Amazon's top ten fiction of 2010.

It reads like a collection of short stories about people connected to a newspaper that is going under. The characters are flawed and their stories are dramatically depressing, but I couldn't forget about them when I wasn't reading. The writing seemed a little in-your-face to me, but I think it was because I read it in large print. It might as well have been in all caps.

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