Thursday, August 25, 2011


There are lots of places that I never went to whilst living on the east coast, including Philadelphia. Actually, I may have been there, but I just don't remember it (just ask my mom). In July, Tim officiated the marriage of our friends Pat and Jess in Philly, giving us a good great reason to visit.
old city coffee old city coffee cookies
We started out with ice coffees and pastry from Old City Coffee. Tim also got an amazing cheesey, yolk-y, bacon-y sandwich from the most efficient food truck I've ever witnessed.
city hallthe museum of art and rocky steps
Quick photo ops by City Hall (with that 27 ton bronze statue of William Penn on top) and the Rocky Steps aka the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
city artbetsy ross
I heart cities with outdoor art and history. Philly's got both.
the liberty bellcampo's
The Prides of Philadelphia: the Liberty Bell and the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich (whiz wit!)
the franklin fountainthe franklin fountain
The most unassuming champion of all things Philly? Our friend Nicole (not from Philadelphia), who is quite the Philadelphia enthusiast. She recommended the Franklin Fountain, where we had a fresh peach and blueberry ice cream sundae. Delightful!

Sorry about the camera phone pictures. More photos to come (we forgot the camera and spent $9 on one of these).

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