Tuesday, August 23, 2011

alaska: part iv

We took the Tonsina Coastal Trail as far as we could go. It was high tide and there's a bit that becomes completely submerged and inaccessible. It's a gorgeous walk up the wooded cliffs, into a field of wild irises (!!), through a soft mossy forest, past a clear deep stream, and then down to the windy pebble beach.
wild irisestonsina point trailnattie on tonsina trailfungus among usalberttonsina creek trailtonsina trailsewardtonsina trail

The sun didn't go down until 11 pm, and even then it was still light. We caught the sunset in Turnagain on our way home around 10.
lightsunset over turnagain


  1. As always, your photos are exquisitely gorgeous. However, as I have yet to see any mosquitoes in any of these pictures, I'm skeptical that this is actually Alaska.

  2. dude, the mosquitoes were humongous! i didn't let Tim kill them because i thought they were mosquito eaters. but then one bit me and i knew. the end.


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